What You See First in the Picture Will Determine Your Hidden Desire.

This is a very simple test that relies on your subconscious mind to make the answers for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let your hidden desires reveal themselves to you.

After looking at the image below for a very brief moment, answer this question: What did you notice first?
The answer to that question might be able to show you things about yourself, and what you really want from life. Want to give it a try?

Look at this image:

What is the VERY first thing you noticed? Was it: A, the cave, B, the sea, or C, the face? Let’s see what your choice says about you!

If you choose:


You desire a passionate love.

You dream of meeting someone who can give you joy and can get rid of the weariness of everyday life. If you have an opportunity to meet new people, do not hesitate and go.


You desire freedom.

You desire freedom! All you want is to live your life without other people interfering. Do what you want and don’t think about the consequences. Everything else will fall into place!


You desire balance and happiness.

You are a beautiful person who just wants to live a happy life! As long as you have good food, good friends, and good fun, you are happy! What a nice way to be!

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